Baby Steps Toward Abortion Healing

Baby Steps – Starting You Out On The Path To Abortion Healing

Do you need help?

Anyone can be wounded by an abortion.  If you’re hurting, we suggest taking baby steps to begin your abortion healing. 

Did you know anyone can choose a name for a baby who was lost through abortion?  Maybe you lost a grandchild, a niece or nephew, or even your own child because you could have no input on the decision made. 

Choosing a name for that child can help you start your healing.  If you’ve been wounded by abortion, get started on the first steps to healing.  Click here to name a baby and begin your healing journey.

Do You Want To Help Someone?

Petition Ministries provides simple methods for helping others.  We help facilitate a simple Memorial Service program to give you the tools to help others with abortion healing.  Our three aspects of ministry, Petition Drives, Petition Memorials and Petition Prayer Teams equip you to offer easy, brief ways to start someone on their healing journey.

Help others with these simple baby steps:

Suggest they choose a name for the baby they are grieving.  Send them this link: for a completely confidential online place to choose a name and have the name recorded on our confidential online scroll petition. (non-political).

Suggest they may wish to be part of a memorial service to symbolically lay the child to rest and put their foot on the next step on their path to healing


Offer to help volunteer to set up a memorial service for them.  This can be done with other volunteers at your church or community center.  Click here for more information.


Sign up to become a Petition Prayer Team member.  Intercessors can change the landscape of society.  You can help!  Click hereto sign up today.

Find out more about abortion healing through our Petition Memorial Services and Online Helps.  Click here to go to our main page.  All our services are provided to clients at no cost.  Please consider making a donation today to help us continue to offer these valuable Baby Steps toward abortion healing.