Our society is rife with commotion these days and with it a great lack of balance in our collective thinking.  Those of us who want to see righteousness govern instead of insanity, must continually work to remain balanced in our thinking.  Now, before you shoot nasty emails my way, let me explain…  I don’t in any way mean we are to compromise our standards!

To me, remaining balanced means being willing to listen to others whose viewpoints are not the same as mine, then evaluating the evidence they present by holding it up to the standards of the Bible.  This is a great challenge when Political Correctness has warped our national mindset.  We have to recognize that our stand for good and right will be challenged on every side.  So, keeping a balanced approach really means staying true to the Word of God.

As most of you probably know, the undercover videos that were released about selling baby body parts this year caused quite a commotion on newsfeeds and social media everywhere.  Although that has died down a little from the original releases, there is still lots of banter back and forth.  The CMP who produced the videos was ordered not to release the rest of the videos while Congress reviewed them in their entirety for the investigations being conducted.  Lies and misinformation were spread all over the liberal media during this process.

Once again, a video was released and is sure to continue the negative attention Planned Parenthood is battling.  I am relieved to see that the attempts to suppress the videos has been halted.  We can be certain more information will be forthcoming.

In the aftermath of the initial firestorm caused by the undercover videos, we are at risk of forgetting the outrage, as the fickle American public is prone to do given time and distance from a horrible event.  We have forgotten the revulsion, the indignation, the horror we all felt with each newly released video.  In an attempt to deflect attention from itself, the abortion industry has helped us forget.  But in the process, we have also forgotten something even more important.

We have forgotten the precious lives that were so brutally destroyed at the hands of that callous industry.

I was watching a video on Facebook the other day that showed a recording of an Apache attack helicopter’s response to a Taliban terrorist camp being uncovered in Afghanistan several years ago.  It was all recorded in black and white, having been made at night using sophisticated night vision equipment.

The video included strikes on targets that were designated for destruction by our military.  I’m not actually sure why I watched the video in the first place, since I usually try to shield myself most of the time from violent scenes.  But as I watched, it seemed surreal.  The little white human-like specs amid the darkened landscape appeared more like white blips on a radar screen.  It was like watching a video game.

The more I watched, the more calloused I could feel myself getting.  When a target moved, I felt like the gunner needed to shoot.  Suddenly, the reality began to hit me.  I was not witnessing a game.  This was war!  I was watching a human being losing its life.

Now, I understand that war is a fact of life, no matter how awful it gets.  I also recognize that evil must be stopped when it takes innocent lives in its quest for meeting its idealistic goals.  As much as I hate war, my sense of right and wrong gives me the ability to step back and see with eyes wide opened to the greater good.

As I saw those men losing their lives at the hands of other men, I also understood that it was unavoidable.  I could see how warriors would have to compartmentalize their emotions to be able to conduct the attacks.  Those young men in the helicopter would have grown up playing video games, pushing buttons relentlessly against targets on a screen.  Even if they did feel some type of remorse for what had to be done, they could dismiss those feelings because of the purpose behind their actions being “noble” to some degree.

My point here in telling you of this experience isn’t to debate war or its tactics and strategies.  However, after watching the combat video I couldn’t help but imagine how easy it would be for people working in the abortion clinics to become desensitized to the killing.

By using names like “product of conception”, “fetus,” “tissue,” or “samples,” the workers could so easily slip over into a place of not seeing the humanity of their victims.  Just like I began to slip over into that place watching the helicopter disintegrate the “target” on the ground in the videos.

The truth is, we are in a war in our society, whether we like it or not; and everyone is affected by it.  No one escapes this war.  Innocents are losing their lives in our nation at the rate if 1000 per day!  Those little “human-like” images on the black and white screens of the ultrasound machines are actual human lives being destroyed by an evil industry bent on its own misguided ideals.

Those precious lives must be protected.  That in no way is meant to incite anyone to respond with physical threats or violent actions toward any abortion worker!  God Forbid!

This war is one of mindset and principle.  It is a societal evil we are battling.  But it has real casualties just like any other war.  Lives are being lost.  The danger lies in allowing our hearts to become callous and unfeeling toward the precious innocent souls who cannot fight for themselves.

In this war, we can’t win it and save the innocents by using attack helicopters and violence.  Our only plausible responses must be born out of a heart of love.  We must love and respect every abortion worker no matter how twisted their thinking may seem to us.  We must see them as human beings, just as deserving of life as the tiny lives they are extinguishing or whose remains they are trafficking.

This truth shocks the mind of those of us who are so passionate about saving babies from this culture of death.  It slaps us in the face as we are called to react to the horrors released by each of the undercover videos.  Indeed, it would be easy to dismiss the reality of nearly 57 million babies our world doesn’t have in it today because of this travesty in our society.

But because our weapons are not missiles and bullets, we have to use words, protests, legal means and many other unconventional weapons.  The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5,

These verses reveal our powerful spiritual weapons and how we have to respond to the culture war about abortion.  It’s the only way we will gain any ground or win any of the battles.  Our weapons are love, compassion, understanding, mercy, grace and prayer.

After chewing on and wrestling with these concepts, I was left thinking about the little babies who were torn limb from limb or carved up on a lab countertop.  It makes my stomach turn just to write about it.  However, I know the Lord has given me a vehicle to make a difference.  It’s not the same as a powerful Apache helicopter, but it can be just as effective.

My vehicle is Petition Ministries.  Our desire is to help those who have been wounded by abortion and to honor those who have been disregarded, marginalized and literally thrown away in the process.

Our purposes are designed to lovingly guide the living victims through the grace, forgiveness and restoration Jesus Christ purchased by His holy innocent blood shed on the cross.  Our memorial service program is designed to facilitate this process. If you are one who has been wounded by abortion, we want to help you.  Please click here for information and a way to take advantage of this program free of charge to you.

Petition Ministries – Help for the Hurting 

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But we don’t stop there.

God gave us a mandate of naming babies lost though abortion.  We want to put a tangible, visible marker in the vast graveyard of unknown “soldiers” in the abortion war.  Our petition drives, called EVERY NAME COUNTS, are designed to allow people just like you to see the “little white blips” on the screens as real precious babies.  We want everyone to grant them the dignity of a name.

Anyone can choose a name for a baby whose life was a casualty of this war.  Maybe giving dead babies a name doesn’t seem like it will change anything in the real world.  Maybe it doesn’t really make any difference… or does it?

In either case, if you make a statement to our society by signing our petition and giving a baby a name, you will be helping us use the weapons that are not of this world.  You can recognize these tiny human lives who were lost and take a stand for righteousness.

Our petition isn’t political, it’s spiritual!  We take the names given and offer them to the Lord in prayer petitions of repentance and confession before the Judge of the universe.  We ask Him to apply those names we offer to the nameless ones in heaven whose innocent blood cries out to Him for justice.

He is listening to the sound of their blood crying out from the ground of our nation.  We don’t know when the saturation point might be reached and God will release judgment on this land because of it.  We want to petition Him for mercy in the midst of judgment.

The estimates show that about 57 Million children have been aborted since 1973 in the US alone.  That’s unbelievable.  Every single one of those children deserved an earthly name.  Each one was a unique, unrepeatable creation of God deserving of as many rights to be loved and recognized as any other living soul.

Will you help us work toward our goal of naming the babies?  Our online petition currently has a little over 600 names posted.  We have millions to go.  We believe our prayers and statements of worth for each child will reach the ears of our Heavenly Father and perhaps He will be merciful to our nation and heal us from the ravages of the abortion war.

Please click on the link below and go to our Petition Drive page today.  You can make a difference!  I hope you will take the thoughts I shared today into consideration and make a decision on the side of righteousness.  In other words, let’s get balanced!

Always in Jesus,

Desiree Figg – Director, Petition Ministries

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Grant a lost baby a name. EVERY NAME COUNTS!

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