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Aspects of The Petition Memorial Program
Understanding The Five R's of Healing
Aspects of The Petition Memorial Program

Memorial Services

The first aspect of the Memorial Program is the Petition Memorial Service itself. These services are designed to take place individually or simultaneously on designated dates and times all across the states and nation. Volunteer Memorial Coordinators set up these services with the help of churches, church members, non-profit ministries, individuals or businesses who are like minded. Every coordinator receives an instruction packet to help prepare for the event along with ongoing support from Petition Ministries. Additionally, memorial supply kits are made available for purchase from the online store which provide everything needed to conduct a "Petition Memorial." 

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Petition Drives

The second aspect of the memorials is the EVERY NAME COUNTS Petition Drive to name the babies who have never received recognition or been honored and laid to rest. Every soul deserves the dignity of a name. Because our first ancestor, Adam, was given dominion over the earth and assigned the task of naming every other living thing, we believe we have the right to grant names to these lost souls. Adam abdicated his role when he sinned, but Jesus Christ paid for the sins of humanity on the cross over 2000 years ago, and His death redeemed His people from the curse.

Galatians 3:13 states "Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us--..." We believe this simple truth provides a way for us to care for those precious souls God created and intended to be part of our planet. No matter what some may argue, that soul came into being on the earth as a human child. Even though it was not allowed to breathe our air or be held in its mother's arms, it was still a unique, unrepeatable creation of God and deserves the dignity of a name.

The Holy Spirit inspired the Petition Ministries founder to begin the ministry and call it by the name of “Petition.” He later spoke softly with a direct order. "I want you to name the babies." That gentle but stern word was followed by a question. "Lord, how do we name over 50 million babies?" The answer was simple, yet profound.

He said, "What's a petition for?"

Of course, a petition is a circulated legal document that gathers names of people who agree with a specific agenda or political stance. The purpose is to gain support by sheer numbers to address specific issues which may have gone unnoticed or unattended before.

So, Petition Ministries along with
Volunteer Petition Drive Coordinators has launched "Every Name Counts" Petition Drives to gather the names of those who agree with our purpose - that these babies deserve the dignity of a name. Signers symbolically "adopt" a baby and give it a representative name. Our petitions are "spiritually legal" documents.  They serve as statements of our faith that the babies we acknowlege had value on earth.

Each Petition Drive Coordinator is equipped with a packet of instructions to work with the Memorial Coordinators so the names of the babies will be available during the services.  Each person signing the petition makes a statement to the world that aborted babies were part of the human race. They choose a name for a baby and record it on the petition. Any name!

We believe God already knows their names in heaven, but because of His covenant with mankind regarding dominion of our earth, He waits on us to exercise our God given authority to name them. We believe the petitions serve as a “legal” document in the spiritual realm and on the earth and bring honor to each precious soul that was lost. All the BABY names collected are registered on our online petition.  Afterwards, the names are inscribed onto scrolls by volunteers for each service area and registered with Petition Ministries as a permanent
record, then upheld before God in prayer during the memorial service.  Isaiah 30:8 gives us an indication of the importance of that record: "Now go, write it on a tablet before them and inscribe it on a scroll, that it may serve in the time to come as a witness forever."

Our goal is to name over 56 million babies during the lifetime of the ministry. However, the abortions haven't stopped. So the goal will be expanded, though it seems unattainable in fact. But, that will not stop us from trying. 

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Prayer Petitions

The third and perhaps most important parts of the memorial ministry are the Prayer Petition/Intercession Teams. This aspect isn't intended to just be a prayer covering. This is the petition of prayer!

James 5:16 says "Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." The purpose of this portion of the ministry is to literally beseech the throne of God regarding the sin of abortion in our land, and to plead for mercy to avert His righteous judgment for that sin. The Prayer Petition Coordinators and volunteers team up with the other coordinators to target the throne of God.

As our anchor verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14 indicates, it is the people of God who can come before Him on behalf of their nation. We believe the blood of the innocent souls who were aborted, cries out to God for justice and that the devil sees that evil and accuses us before the Lord so he can see God execute that judgment. We understand that the justice of a Holy God demands that we be judged for this sin. It seems the time is getting so short and we cannot afford to trust our nation any longer to the hands of groups of ungodly politicians who are moving us away from our Judeo Christian heritage.

Additionally, many people cannot or will not even come to grips with their abortion experience, let alone repent. The people of God can stand in the gap for those who cannot. We can stand before the Lord as His royal priesthood on the earth. He will hear His people if we follow His requirement as set forth in 2 Chronicles. We can ask His forgiveness for those who can't, or won't. We can advocate for them. We will pray that our voice of intercession will become louder than the voice of the innocent blood crying out to God for justice and louder than that of the enemy accusing us.

It is the voice of intercession and repentance that can make a difference. These teams of prayer warriors assemble before, during and after the memorial services and play an important part in the actual service program. We will continue to pray that our cries for mercy will outweigh the cries for judgment. May mercy triumph over judgment!

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Seeking Volunteers

We are continuously seeking volunteers who will coordinate with local churches, Pregnancy Support Centers, or other ministries and businesses in their areas to bring about these Memorial Services and the Petition Drives necessary to name the babies. We are also looking for volunteers who will build intercessory teams to pray before, during, and after the services in order to petition Heaven for mercy.

Kits are available to aid in conducting all aspects of the Petition Memorials and dates will be determined by our organization to coincide with others being held in each state. Please prayerfully consider how you may participate in this valuable movement. 

If you feel led to participate in Petition Ministries goal of offering comfort to those who are hurting, symbolically laying to rest the lost souls and honoring them with a name, or joining the prayer petitions to God for mercy regarding the sin of abortion, please review the job descriptions on the website for the different volunteer positions we have available or email us today for more information.

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