The Right Side Of History

For thousands of years, people have had opinions and strong convictions about current events in their world.  From the leaders at the tower of Babel deciding they could reach heaven; to the Egyptian king waffling between letting the Hebrews go from slavery; to Nero believing the Christians should be sacrificed; to Queen Isabella believing in Columbus; to the British believing the people in the new Americas wouldn’t fight for freedom at the Boston Tea Party; to Abraham Lincoln believing slavery was an atrocity.


Union Soldiers Capture Vicksburg
Union Soldiers Capture Vicksburg

Some of those people were on the wrong side of history.  Most likely, they couldn’t see it at the time.  Their own ideas and purposes clouded their judgement and they fell on the wrong side of what most people would agree in hindsight was actually right.


In our time, we are no different.  The issues that plague us are divisive, disrupting, potentially life changing.  Every person has to examine what they believe about those issues which history will judge.  Abortion is one of those topics.  I applaud people who have strong convictions and stand by them.  However, I am opposed to people categorically deciding that someone else doesn’t have a right to their own opinion.


One of our most treasured rights in the United States of America is the right to free speech.  You might not know it if you look at the media today and at those who would try to stop us from exercising that right.  We must allow for fair, open discussions instead of oppressive actions by those who wish to silence that free speech. 


Unfortunately, that’s how wars get started.  Free exchange of ideas has to occur in order to prevent such drastic events.  This country is in a major turmoil and we will most likely come to a point where we will make the decisions which will shape our future and paint history for us.


Will you be on the right side of history?  WIll you be on the wrong side?  Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life standing up for his very strong beliefs.  But looking back at the devisive issue of his time, racial equality, we find he was on the right side of history, not the wrong side.  Time will cause the abortion issue to be resolved one way or another.


The future of our country will be judged by its decisions.  Just like in the Civil War where people died fighting about the issue of slavery, we could end up in such a mortal conflict regarding the abortion issue.  I pray that never happens, but the fight is real and something has to give.  Will we end up on the right side of history?


There has been so much in the news lately about decisions being made in various states regarding abortion.  Some new laws are so disturbing, many of us are astonished at the level of atrocity.  It can feel like an emotional roller coaster every day.  The different factions are polarizing in an even greater way than before.  I have no doubt that abortion will be the most critical issue of the 2020 election.


During the Civil War, people had to decide which side of the slavery issue they were on.  Our time is no different.  People must decide because a social war is continuing to brew.  Obviously, Petition Ministries is on the side of life.  We don’t pretend to be anything else.  We don’t like it that people decide for abortion being okay, but we recognize the right of every individual to have their own opinion.  That doesn’t mean we won’t fight for life, though.


In my years ministering to post-abortive people in the midst of pain, guilt, shame and debilitating traumatic responses, I have decided to fight for life.  The devastation I witnessed as I counselled those who came to regret an abortion decision was real and heart wrenching.  They desperately needed abortion healing.  After what I experienced attempting to help them, I can’t go the other way on the abortion issue.


In my own heart, I’ve decided that I believe a human life is growing in a woman’s body.  It isn’t her body – it’s the body of another.  Her body will recover after giving birth.  Maternal death in childbirth is more rare than it ever has been.  In an abortion, the baby’s body doesn’t have that possibility of recovery.  It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem!  It’s an issue of whose right supercedes the other. 


Many of the wars and fights this world has engaged in have been over someone’s rights.  The aboriton issue is no different.  So, as we stand on the precipice of world altering decisions, my hope is that each person will examine their own heart with a view to how history will judge them.  I don’t know about you, but I want to find myself on the right side of history.

Always in Jesus,

Desiree Figg

Petition Ministries Executive Director

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