Aborted Babies Born Alive

I recently read an article about 766 babies who were born alive after failed abortions, and were left to die.   The thought so stunned me, I just stared at the title of the piece.  I couldn’t even put words to my feelings for quite some time.  The figures were cumPreborn Baby in Uteroulative over several years, but the facts had no less impact on my soul.

The loss of life from abortion in our world is devastating and such a travesty, that we must do something about it.  Lots of people are doing many different things to diminish the practice and I applaud their efforts.  But few are doing anything to honor those precious lives lost.

Petition Ministries has a mandate is to grant the dignity of a name to them all.  It’s an impossible task on the surface, but I believe in the power of God and the hearts of those who break because of the loss.  The people left behind after abortion’s horrific practice are the ones we want to help in reality.  We can’t do much about those lives cut off.  But we can do something.

We ask people to chose a name for a baby who they know was lost due to abortion.  It doesn’t have to be a child they had anything to do with either, or it could be from a parent who has come to regret their own decision made in crisis.  Anyone can chose to symbolically “adopt” a lost one to give the honor of a name.  Click here to read our information called “Why Should We Name Them.”

When I reflected on the article some more, I felt compelled to open up a special petition drive online to see if we can collect 766 names for those children who had no voice.  I don’t know about you, but even the imagined whimpers from their silent cries drill into my heart and leave a gaping wound. 

Naming a baby for the scroll is such an easy process and we’ve made it simple for anyone who wants to participate.  Our online form, when filled out, gives us the information to post those babies names on our online petition scroll.  This scroll gives reality to the lost lives and helps all of us to begin our healing.

766 Babies left to die

We call our petition drive “Every Name Counts” because typically a petition can’t be filed without enough names.  In our case, we don’t have an arbitrary number.  Our filing goes to the Lord in the form of prayers and petitions from intercessors who volunteer to pray for the issue of abortion in our nation. 

Just because the lives lost in Canada are not from the US, doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge them.  Won’t you join me today in choosing a name for one of the 766 babies who were born alive after failed abortion and left to die.  It’s completely free to register and we will even send you a free PDF Certificate of Dignity if you would like one.  Click here to register to give one of these lost babies the dignity of a name.

For more information about our other services for abortion healing, please click here to go to our Home page.


Always in Jesus,

Desiree Figg

Executive Director, Petition Ministries, Inc.

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