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About Us

Petition Ministries is a non-profit, cross-denominational organization utilizing volunteers across the nation to facilitate petition drives, prayer petitions and memorial services for acknowledging aborted babies.  Our free internet based training prepares one-time or ongoing volunteers to conduct the services using the Petition Memorial method for abortion healing as well as for partnering with churches, ministries, and local community groups to bring about community awareness of the effects of abortion on the society.  We simply offer a mechanism to assist those who are affected by abortion by giving them the place to grieve and to provide an online registry of names granted to the lost innocents.

Mission Statement

Offer hope, healing and closure to all who are affected by abortion; by establishing a public forum for acknowledging the babies lost through abortion via petition drives to grant them the dignity of a name and by conducting ongoing Memorials throughout the nation to symbolically lay them to rest, as well as to provide a safe place for grieving and a unified voice of prayer entreating heaven for mercy for our nation regarding the sin of abortion.

Vision Statement

Mobilize an army of volunteers to:

1) grant the dignity of a name, the recognition of value, and to symbolically lay to rest the nearly 60 million innocent babies lost through abortion in the US since 1973.  Conduct at least one Memorial Service in each county in every state of the nation!

2) move heaven to grant mercy to our nation by uttering a massive unified voice of repentance and prayer regarding the sin of abortion;

3) provide mercy, grace, hope, healing and closure to all who God desires to touch through our ministry.


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If you are interested in more information about abortion healing or about any of the aspects of the Petition Ministries Program click here or if you are interested in volunteering, click here.  Or please contact us via email at info@petitionministries.org, or by mail at: PO Box 591, Christmas Valley, OR 97641-0591, or call us toll free at 800-780-0689.  Request an information packet today and you can make a difference!