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Abortion Healing Is Available For You!

Desiree Figg founded Petition Ministries in 2010 after a series of messages at her home church.  She felt convicted to “do something” specifically after a message entitled “What Should Be Done To California” where her pastor’s passionate message indicated that God desired His people to stop standing idly by as the state and nation continued to buck against righteousness and sink further and further into darkness.   She knew, then, that ministering abortion healing was what she could do.

For over 30 years, Desiree has been teaching Bible studies and mentoring women.  She volunteered as the Post Abortion Counselor at Tree of Life Pregnancy Support Center in Atascadero, California for over a decade, where her services uniquely prepared her for this ministry.

One day, as she laid out items for a planned memorial service at the culmination of a 12 week Bible study class through the program of abortion healing, she received a call from a very gifted and prophetic dear friend.  During the call, her friend asked her to describe what she was doing. 

Going over the specially chosen articles for the memorial table staged on the floor in her living room, she explained the plan.  After explaining it, her friend suddenly said, “Why couldn’t you do this everywhere for everyone?” The sudden thought struck her like a bolt of lightning and the Lord instantaneously dropped the entire vision of the ministry into her heart.   Her grace filled desire is to help people get past the denial and pain that abortions often cause and that desire propelled her to “do something” more.

She offers that grace message to anyone who needs help, whether from the pain of their own abortion, or one which they participated in or couldn’t do anything about. During her volunteering, she had only been able to help a few handfuls of people to lay their babies to rest.  Her heart cried out to be able to affect more hurting people with abortion healing.  She believes God desires to offer mercy instead of judgment for actions or decisions made in crisis which cost the life of an innocent child.  Her passion for Jesus and her genuine care for those who are hurting birthed Petition Ministries as a vehicle for change in our society. 

Her goals are lofty, but she says, “If it isn’t bigger than me, then it probably isn’t God.”

Desiree is married to her High School sweetheart, David.  They have one grown son and daughter in law and one grandson who live in Texas.  She writes a blog called Trailing Ellipsis and loves to collect and create dollhouse miniatures as a hobby, with a small online business called Forever Christmas Miniatures.  She currently lives in what she sheepishly refers to as, “the big middle of nowhere” in the high desert area of  Oregon’s Outback.  Despite being very remote, she knows the Lord can use the internet to bring the vision and mission of Petition Ministries to fruition.

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