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Abortion Healing Is Available For You!

Check out our store full of comfort gifts sure to help facilitate the healing necessary after a loss.  Everyone has to deal with grief in one way or another.  These gifts are selected to offer the most discreet, yet effective items to help with that grief.  If you or someone you know is grieving, especially the loss of a baby aborted in crisis, or if someone is in pain after losing a child, select from our beautiful, tender items to make the grief process just a little bit easier.  No one can replace the precious soul lost through abortion, but a gift of love, like one of these, can begin the process of much needed closure and comfort.  Our desire is for abortion healing to take place and these gifts are a great way to start.

Lace Heart With Satin Center
Lace Heart With Satin Center
Amazing Grace Wind Chimes
Musical Memory Treasure Box
Angel prayer box scroll & quill
Sleeping Baby In Wings
Sleeping Baby In Angel Wings
Amethyst Tear Bottle
Gone Yet Not Forgotten Standing Cross
Mother & Child Silver Necklace
In Memory Angel Releasing Butterfly


Blue Cremation Urn Keepsake
My Soul Finds Rest Memorial Angel
Always In My Heart Cremation Necklace
Angelic Trio Oil Warmer
In God’s Hands Resin Cross


Not Forgotten Candle
Petition Scroll Angel Figurine


Click here for information about Petition Ministries healing services.  We offer Hope, Healing and Closure for those wounded by abortion. Our three aspect services are designed to assist anyone who is suffering.  We set up special Memorial Services, present an online petition to Name the Babies and Prayer Petitions to support you.  If you need help, please click here for more information. Abortion Healing is available to you!