Services For Healing

Petition Ministries offers three specific services designed to bring hope, healing and closure to those affected and wounded by abortion. The Petition Memorial services focus on laying the innocent souls to rest in a manner which conveys worth and dignity.

The Petition Drives focus on collecting names for the precious lives lost through abortion, specifically in the US since Roe v Wade passed in 1973.

The Prayer Petitions focus on assembling prayer teams to both pray for the memorial services and the petition drives, as well as for lifting up a massive voice of repentance before God’s throne to ask for mercy for our land.

We need your help today to fulfill the mandate God gave Petition Ministries, to honor all of the nearly 60 Million innocents who have died. Please consider making a monetary donation or a valuable donation of your time to help us. Click on the Donate button on any of our pages to access PayPal. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our contact page for more information


Petition Memorial Service Program


Petition Memorial Services Program

  • Laying Innocent Souls to Rest
  • Offering Hope, Healing & Closure to those affected by abortion
  • Making a safe place for expressing grief
  • Offering unique memorial & comfort gifts and supplies for Petition Memorial services

Petition Drive Program

  • Collecting names for lost babies to grant them dignity
  • Giving Post-Abortive parents the closure of naming the child
  • Creating an online registry roll of names to honor them in our society
  • Inscribing scrolls of names for Petition Memorial Services


Petition Prayer Program

  • Assembling teams of intercessors to petition Heaven for mercy regarding the sin of abortion in our land and our world
  • Training teams to pray for those wounded by abortion
  • Participating with Petition Memorial Coordinators & Petition Drive Coordinators to pray for the memorial services and the petition drives

Here Are Some Ways You Can Help

If you want more information about volunteering,, contact us for an introductory packet at or by mailing us at PO Box 591, Christmas Valley, OR 97641-0591, or call 800-780-0689.  For more information about volunteers, click here.  We offer free step-by-step, easy to understand, online training for all our volunteers.

If you need help dealing with abortion pain, please call us today at 800-780-0689.  All information is kept strictly confidential unless you give express permission to refer you. We can help you and give you referrals to local post abortion counselors in your area.  We desire to offer you grace, understanding and the love of Jesus Christ as you face this crisis.  We care!