The 5 R’s of Healing

Use this chart to see how Petition Ministries addresses the 5 R’s of Healing we developed in conjunction with the 3 main aspects of our ministry.   Our hope and prayer is that every person suffering from abortion trauma or emotional pain can find healing through some participation in one of the 3 specific services we offer for free.  If you are suffering after an abortion,, or from one you knew about, but may not have been able to prevent, we are here to help. 

Most people who are wounded by abortion need to find an entry point to help them past their overwhelming fear of dealing with the pain.  This chart helps you find out where you or someone else is on the path toward healing.  Visit our “Baby Steps” page to find out more information.

Call us today for a  referral to a confidential counselor in your area. 800-780-2689 or click here for more information.  (We are currently working on a virtual counselling group class.)



Call us today if you need to speak with someone and we will refer you to a confidential counselor in your area. Call toll free 800-780-0689