Naming Petitions

All over the nation, in every state, in every county, for over 40 years, precious lives have been lost because of abortion.  It’s time we, as a society, acknowledge the fact that those lives matter.  They matter to God; they should have mattered to the parents, and they should matter to our society.  Petition Ministries conducts Petition Drives to collect names of babies lost and give them the dignity of being registered here on earth.  We maintain an online scroll recording each name given.  This is the starting place for healing – both for those wounded by abortion and for those of us whose hearts are broken because of the loss.


If you’d like to participate, click here to register to give a baby a name.  Click here to discover “Why Should We Name Them?”

If you would like more information about hosting or participating in a Petition Drive in your area, please email us at  We need volunteers from all walks of life and from many different venues to complete our mission.  Please contact us today!  We need you, and you can make a difference!