Petition Memorial Services

Anyone who has attended a memorial service knows that the services are really designed for those left behind after the loved one has departed this world.  It’s about recalling the memories of the one lost and about making a tangible place to grieve in a public manner in order for there to be closure.  So, why would we hold memorial services for babies whose lives were cut short by abortion, especially if the “loved ones” may not even be present or know about the services, or who may not have actually loved that baby?

Petition Memorial Table

These are valid questions.  There is little or no real memory about the child, nor is there a body to “lay to rest.”  There is no gathering of friends and family to honor the lost one and console the grieving who remain.  It seems almost a futile waste of time.  Futile, unless you recognize the value of those lives as unique, unrepeatable creations of God Almighty, who were supposed to matter to our society.

The estimates on the statistics have reached nearly 60 million babies and the figures climb each year.  The losses worldwide, as a whole, are even much greater.  In the United States, such dramatic loss of life in our society has gone unrecognized and has never been acknowledged by the general public. Petition Ministries believes the time has come to do so.  

A Petition Memorial is simply a public memorial hosted by members of churches, ministry groups, and others who have caught the vision of making a statement to our society that the lives of the children lost through abortion meant something.  We believe the precious souls who are gone are in Heaven with God and are not hurting or grieving.  However, we still believe they should have the dignity of a name and the honor of a “decent” burial.  Although no “babies” are buried, there are symbolic representations that are handled by people willing to act as a “stand-in” parent during the ceremonies.  In addition, there are prayer teams led by Volunteer Prayer Petition Coordinators, who are present at the services to offer prayers and petitions to God for mercy because of the sin committed.  There is never to be a spirit of condemnation or accusation, simply a cry to the Lord Jesus for mercy.

Since there are gaping wounds, often unexpressed, in the hearts of those whose lives have been wounded by abortion, the services offer a safe place to express that grief and to start on a path to healing.  Abortion has hurt not only those babies, but the mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts & uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins — indeed our whole society — who have been robbed of the joys and contributions of a life that should have been.  Indeed, of 60 million lives who should have been!

The memorial services can be conducted simultaneously with other services being held at the same times all over the country.  Each service exhibits unique characteristics that identify it as a Petition Memorial and are specifically expressed through carefully chosen items that make up the Petition Memorial Kit.  Church or group members are given the opportunity to participate in several aspects of the services held.  The basic format of the services is replicated throughout the country to maintain continuity and unity of purpose.  See a sample of the kits available in our store.  (Click Here)

Volunteer Petition Memorial Coordinators in each county of every state, assemble teams to facilitate conducting each service in the manner prescribed and oversee all aspects of making the public aware of, and inherently part of, the memorials.  Online Web-based training and personal support is provided to every coordinator and each church or ministry group to aid in carrying out the functions of setting up the event in their area.  The purpose of this is to maintain the Petition Memorial standards and to make a more impactful statement to the world about the value of the lives that were lost.

In addition, because we believe the babies we represent deserved the dignity of a name, Petition Drive Coordinators conduct petition drives to collect names to be honored in their area during the memorial service.  Our website also offers an online petition which serves as a legal, earthly registry where every name collected is posted to honor the souls who were never publicly acknowledged on the earth.  Isaiah 30:8 gives us an example of the need for this public document.  “Now, go write it on a tablet before them and inscribe it on a scroll, that it may serve in the time to come as a witness forever.” 

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If you would like more information about hosting or participating in a Petition Memorial Service, please click here for the application or email us at to request an introductory packet.  We need volunteers from all walks of life and from many different venues to complete our mission.  Please contact us today! 

We need you, and you can make a difference!