Petition Drive Coordinator

Volunteer Petition Drive Coordinator

If you are interested in becoming a Petition Ministries Volunteer, the following is a description of the Petition Drive Coordinator duties which will take place over a two month planning and execution period. Comprehensive online Webinar training is provided for all volunteers prior to the event planning stage.  Please email us to request an introductory welcome packet today at

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Volunteer Job Description

1.   Work with Petition Memorial Coordinator in your region (designated by Petition Ministries) and coordinate all aspects of the petition drives to collect names of babies for the Petition Memorial Services, according to the prescribed methods provided by Petition Ministries.

2.   Work with Prayer Petition Coordinator to garner support for petition drives held in public places.

3.   Attend online web-based seminar with Petition Ministries to receive training regarding conducting the petition drive.

4.   Recruit and organize a team of volunteer petition drive signature gatherers. Download PDF manual for conducting the drives and use materials included to train the volunteers how to respond to the questions and objections or concerns they will face.

5.   Plan and execute a schedule for drives and coordinate volunteers to staff the tables. Facilitate or schedule setup & takedown of tables & equipment used in the drives.

6.   Work with businesses & facilities to obtain approval for petition drive table staging.

7.   Organize supplies (obtained by Memorial Coordinators with kit or by their assembly) for use by volunteers.

8.   Recruit volunteers with nice handwriting &/or calligraphy skills to transfer collected names to scrolls for submission to Petition Ministries for registry and subsequent use during Petition Memorial Services.

9.   Coordinate with Memorial Coordinator regarding press releases and community service bulletins to announce and gain public support for the drives as they are scheduled.

10. Submit petitions to Petition Ministries so enough time is allowed for the registry to be completed before the Memorial event.

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