Petition Memorial Coordinator

Volunteer Petition Memorial Coordinator

If you are interested in becoming a Petition Ministries Volunteer, the following is a description of the Memorial Coordinator duties which will take place over a two month planning and execution period.  Free, comprehensive online Webinar training is provided for all volunteers prior to the event planning stage.  Please email us to request an introductory  welcome packet today at

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Volunteer Job Description

1.       Coordinate all aspects of event planning and execution of plans to conduct Petition Memorial Service according to specified guidelines provided  by Petition Ministries

2.       Oversee Volunteer Petition Drive Coordinator and Volunteer Prayer Petition Coordinator. Work with them to facilitate volunteer schedules, determine reporting milestones, and prepare for memorial event

3.       Establish timeline for specific deadlines regarding event and other requirements as needed

4.       Attend online web-based seminar with Petition Ministries to receive training regarding conducting the service

5.       Download and study PDF Memorial Coordinator manual

6.       Choose venue, establish connection with facilities manager and coordinate with them to contract or arrange for event

7.       Plan, schedule, and arrange for advertising pertaining to event and other publicity needs (ie. Petition Drive)

8.       Coordinate teams of volunteers for setup, decoration, and cleanup of event facility

9.       Conduct fundraising activities (preferably church-wide donation) to enable purchase of Petition Memorial Kit or Memorial Table supplies and to cover facility use and other costs

10.   Arrange for transportation of items to decorate event facility and oversee decoration process with teams according to specific guidelines provided by Petition Ministries

11.   Host Petition Memorial Service to include general public as well as participating volunteers

12.   Ensure follow-up is conducted for those requesting it after the service (Prayer Petition Coordinator should facilitate)

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