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Volunteer Prayer Petition Coordinator


If you are interested in becoming a Petition Ministries Volunteer, the following is a description of the Prayer Petition Coordinator duties which will take place over a two month planning and execution period.  Comprehensive online Webinar training is provided for all volunteers prior to the event planning stage.  Please email us to request an introductory  welcome packet today at

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Volunteer Job Description

1.   Work with Petition Memorial Coordinator in your region (determined by Petition Ministries) to recruit and assemble teams of intercessors, prayer warriors, and other like-minded individuals whose hearts are grieved because of the travesty of abortion in our land and our world.

2.   Attend online web-based seminar with Petition Ministries to receive training regarding the Prayer Petition method.

3.   Download PDF prayer manual in order to begin conducting training meetings with the assembled teams as far in advance of the Petition Memorial event as possible.

4.   Work with Petition Drive Coordinator to support the “EVERY NAME COUNTS” Petition Drive with prayer cover.

5.   Schedule get-togethers with the team to set up concerted prayer efforts on an ongoing basis, and to begin the ministry of petitioning heaven for mercy regarding this issue.

6.   Establish the atmosphere of the scheduled prayer team get-togethers using suggested tools and instructions from the training. Coach others on individual prayer efforts aside from the meetings.

7.   Coordinate the prayer volunteers for participation during the Petition Memorial service. 

a.    Organize a team effort during the event which will make a dramatic statement to the people in attendance.

b.   Schedule your team to be on hand after the ceremony to pray for those who come forward in response to the call for repentance, or for aiding in the referral process for those needing additional guidance.

8.   Facilitate continued prayer team efforts after the event is over, as needed, in response to anyone who may have come forward during the service for ministry or salvation.

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