What happens when the method you use to keep from remembering a bad decision or a horrible event suddenly stops working?  What do you do then?  Where do you go from there?

The swirling controversy over the release of under cover video investigations into Planned Parenthood’s deceptive and horrific practices is causing the DENIAL bubble to burst for some people.

That means the method isn’t working anymore.  It means people all over this nation are beginning to question whether they made the right choice by having or encouraging an abortion.

Because we address the issue of post abortion pain, Petition Ministries wants to give people a way to deal with that pain, especially if it has been suppressed by years of stuffing down the emotions.  You probably already guessed it – this condition is called DENIAL.

As of this writing, the statistical estimates for our nation show approximately 57,000,000 – that’s Fifty-Seven Million – abortions have occurred since 1973.  If that figure is even nearly correct, that means there are 114,000,000 parents out there who are potentially losing their denial bubble.  I see that as One Hundred Fourteen Million people potentially not knowing how to navigate the negative emotions that might be flooding them during this upheaval.

It makes me want to cry.

To take that a step further, those figures mean there are potentially 456 Million Grandparents who could be affected.  I’m not even counting siblings, cousins, aunts or uncles who might be wondering about that child.

Okay, maybe I’m going a little too far.  Maybe only a tiny fraction of those people need help.  But maybe you are one of them.  If that’s the case, you may be asking that very question.  Where Do I Go From Here?

Our ministry has a very unusual and out-of-the-box solution for helping people address their emotional pain.  As one of our many non-profit services, we have set up a nationwide Petition Drive to grant names to babies who have been lost through abortion.  We call it “Every Name Counts.”

Names are so important in our world.  Parents take great care to choose just the right name for their babies.  People who have been affected by abortion may not have ever considered the healing that simply choosing a name for their baby can accomplish.

It’s not a magic button that suddenly makes the pain go away, but it is a wonderful first step out of denial.  It makes the child more real to you and gives the baby’s life dignity.

Dealing with anger or guilt toward the senseless loss of life and barbaric practices that the abortion industry has fostered, can be difficult, at best.  Choosing to grant a baby a name can give anyone a touch point to start a healthy grieving process.

Our online petition offers you a place to make a statement in our society that those precious lives matter.  It won’t stop the horror or make up for the loss, but it gives each person something they can do that’s positive and gets them moving in the right direction.

If you are one of those who has been affected deeply by the expose videos, please check out our online Petition Drive and let the world know those precious lives matter – at least to someone!

Desiree Figg,  Executive Director

Click here  to go to our page for more information about the Petition Drive.     

Every Name Counts – Petition Registration

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